Popular iPhone Game App: Aircraft Parking

Just some month’s back only SPEC INDIA had launched popular iPhone game app called Aircraft Parking. Aircraft Parking redefined mobile gaming.

Latest Aircraft Parking is a iPhone game app which to simulate plane parking at airport and manage traffic of planes. In the game player’s goal is to keep the sky clean and not allow planes to collide. Air traffic control is the most stressful jobs for anyone but you will enjoy controlling traffic in Aircraft Parking game.

In Aircraft Parking game has two kinds of planes, one is Jet plane and the other is a charter plane. The game is very much simple to play and addictive as well. The sound effects of the game are extremely good and one would like to listen to it repeatedly. The movement of plane and line drawing is smooth and also the colorful path is attractive and soothing to the eye. .

Aircraft_Parking_Game_6 Aircraft_Parking_Game_1 Aircraft_Parking_Game_2 Aircraft_Parking_Game_3 Aircraft_Parking_Game_4 Aircraft_Parking_Game_5

Best Of Aircraft Parking Game Features:
1. 2 Theme like “Green Grass” and “Desert”
2. Two types of Aircraft : Jet and Charter
3. Drawing air craft path smoothly and faster
4. Eye catchy animation for gaining powers
5. Sounds – ON/OFF
6. Show highest game score
7. Ad integration
8. All the achieved score can be sharing on Facebook and twitter

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