iFB Cover – Soon Latest Version Coming Live

In the recent time, some of the social networking site are very much popular with younger’s. From this sites most popular is Facebook, which has almost 600 million daily active users. Almost all Facebook users want to update their whereabouts and be the first one flaunt their purchases, knowledge and interesting anecdotes almost instantly. All users are very much eager to make their profile unique and attractive to impress friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

The variety of users of Facebook is magnanimous. There are some classes of people who like to update their status, uploading photos and telling the world every hour what they do. At the same time, there is the other class of people who are creative thinkers and who always communicate through their funny, blunt and speculative thoughts and quotes.

iFB Cover application

iFB Cover Application

To address different needs of such variety of users and to provide a thrust to their creativity, so that they can grab more likes and comment on their facebook timeline, SPEC INDIA is coming up with an app called “iFB Cover”. iFB Cover is an application that will help a facebook user to create an artistic cover image on the top of their Facebook time-line. iFB Cover application is preloaded with a very rich tool set that allows the users to unleash their creativity and create beautiful, innovative and artistic cover pages.

Actually, the iFB Cover application first version with a special theme of Valentines Day was launched in 14th February 2013. It was just a basic version of iFB Cover, which users from all over the globe have warmly welcomed. By seeing the popularly and needs, SPEC INDIA is going to launch its latest version soon in which it will feature a fantastic tool box, with a huge set of functionalities and features that provides a canvas for creativity.

Latest version of iFB Cover has concepts of “Embellish”, “Photo-Collage” and “Craft-your-Cover” along with application gallery.

Following are the features specified in latest version iFB Cover

• Easy Cover page template selection.
• Add Text with various fonts, colors and sizes.
• Variety of smileys to represent moods, emotions and feelings.
• Image editor to resize and rotate photos.
• Draw using brush with eraser, undo and redo features.
• Import photos from gallery, capture photo-using camera.
• Link Facebook account.
• Save creations in application gallery.
• Share cover picture and profile picture.