Microsoft’s ‘Window Phone 8’ Attract Mobile Application Developers

There are numbers of applications by apple and Google into the world of mobile application development. If we are going to focus onto the market share of these mobile applications giants then apple has highest market share in mobile application market. Currently apple is going ahead with its innovation concept. To survive into this tough rivalry of mobile application development market Microsoft launches its brand new release of “Window Phone 8”. Window Phone 8 has many exciting features compare to its older version.

Microsoft attract mobile application developers through its Newly Launched “Window Phone 8”

Window Phone 8

Hire Window Phone 8 Application Developers

Microsoft’s adopt and come up with new strategy to attract mobile application developers through its newly Window phone 8 OS. For that Microsoft is already looking forward to taking further steps like its increases online storage capacity for online development for its valuable clients of mobile application. Microsoft is thinking about reestablish its development platforms with extra additional features for developers. Also Microsoft attracts users for its new online store with new Window Phone 8 with the help of new innovative design strategies.

It is very beneficial to hire developers for window phone 8 OS. Because it’s include very interesting apps according to on going market demand of mobile applications. Like window phone 8 added online chat facility, online net meeting, application integration as well as data sharing facilities like photographs, data files etc. As Microsoft shows that why it’s easy to develop mobile apps for windows with several reasons. If you focus onto the total selling of Microsoft window 8 then, its reach up to more than 4 million upgrades of window 8 and Microsoft going to launch around 400 million new handsets of window based OS. It’s really good news for mobile application developers of all over the world. Because there will be a hike in demand of mobile application developers. Window mobile application also can be develop by using HTML and JavaScript. Study said that there is also hike in switching of mobile application platform.

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